Poppy DharsonoBorn in small town of Garut west Java on 8 July 1951 of parents Lander Dharsono and Siti Sumiyartini as Poppy Hendarni Dharsono. Later during high school she changed her middle name Hendarni with Susanti now Poppy Susanti Dharsono.

After finishing her school years in Jakarta, Poppy went to study at the Academy of Cinematography Jakarta Institute of Arts (LPKJ) in 1971-1973. She was later went to Europe to study at the Ecole Superieur de Technique de la Mode (ESMOD), Guerre Lavigne Paris 1974-1977.

Later she studied modelling at the Mag Institute Paris (1975) and Photography at Aries Southern France (1976). Poppy finished her intellectual pursuance by taking Courses on Management and Accounting at the Institute of Management University of Indonesia Jakarta in 1981.

She started he career as photo and fashion model in 1970, lasted until 1978. In those years, she also became movie actress, appeared on screen in Pengantin Remaja (Teen Bride) 1971, Matinja Seorang Bidadari (The death of an Angel) 1973, and Yang Muda Yang Bercinta (Young, Loving) 1977.

From the early stages of her career as a fashion designer she have chosen to use traditional, ethnic clothes. Instead of using traditional cloths as mere ornaments, she allow the cloths to talk and show their characters, leaving other fashion elements the role of enchancing the beauty of the cloths. What she do is to explore the nation’s culture and textile, not just doing fashion. She has for decades been tirelessly redefining her country’s cultural heritage. She took various elements of ethnic clothes, modified them by giving some contemporary touch and used the new heritage as a theme in her works. Indonesian designs should be accepted by the international community, national identity is a must. I’ve always remained true to my concept by trying to present a blend of ethnic and modern elements that were comfortable to wear in formal and informal occasions.